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Complete Health Assessment

By GP and Nurse

Upon Onboarding

A physician will visit the patient to conduct a comprehensive health assessment, review recent patient history, collect health records, and onboard the patient to the program. Patient health data will be accessible via the THB Care Mobile application.

Virtual Care Team

Doctor, Health Manager, Nutritionist

Available Daily

The virtual care team consists of doctors, health managers & nutritionists, who coordinate care, manage health data, and provide advice to help patients maintain optimal health. The virtual care team is accessible to ensure timely support and personalized care.

Nursing Assessment at Home

Licensed and Trained Nurses

Twice a month

A licensed registered nurse will visit the patient to conduct a head-to-toe assessment,
physical examination, review the patient case details, evaluate and address any concerns
the patient is facing and schedule any follow-up care required.

GP Health Review & Report

General Physician

Once a month

A physician will manage the patient case, through a virtual teleconsultation to go through all details with the patient and their designated point of contact. The physician will provide a monthly health report on the status of the patient's health, condition and progress.

Urgent Care Doctors

Urgent Care Support


Our urgent care physicians are there for patients to provide immediate care and support for non-emergency medical attention. Minor illnesses and injuries will receive immediate attention. If greater care is required, our team will coordinate with a partner provider.

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Monthly Package


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Annual Package


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Annual Package


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