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Smart Care

Working alongside Dubai Health Authority (DHA) through their Medical Tourism and quality assurance division Dubai Health Experience (DXH), we manage all your medical tourism needs. Focusing on the journey of inbound patients, we take care of everything from travel and transport to accessing the best medical services and facilities as well as accommodation, leisure activities and post-treatment support.

Your Medical Tourism Journey



We start your medical tourism journey by collecting your health records, coordinating with your local physician, and then booking all your medical logistics.



After greeting you from the airport, we accompany you to your appointment and facilitate with pending matters.


After Care

After your procedure, we provide nursing care* in Dubai at your residence. Our service includes updating your local physician and providing them with the updated health records from your trip! As a SmartCare member, you receive complimentary Global Care membership services* for 3 months.

Our Service includes

Health Manager
  • Consolidating your Health Records.

  • Coordinates with your local physician.

  • Providing you the best doctors in and out of your insurance.

  • Books all your medical logistics.

  • Meet & greets you at the airport.

  • Accompanies you to your appointment.

  • Provides follow up care.

Your Health Manager plans your entire medical journey!

Health Passport
  • Consolidating your Health Records from your city of residence.

  • Coordinating with the hospital or clinic you wish to go to.

  • Provide the hospital or clinic with your relevant health records.

Your Health Passport contains all your relevant Health Records for your medical tourism journey,

Patient Meet & Greet
  • We meet you directly from the airport.

  • We also come with you to your appointment to confirm what treatment you require.

  • We follow up with your doctor to make sure that there progress and a solid post-treatment plan.

Your Health Manager is by your side from the start of your journey.

Post Treatment Care
  • As a Smart Care member you can also avail Global Care Membership Benefits, this includes 24/7 Doctor on Phone, Health Manager, Medical Travel Assistance.

  • Smart Care members also receive discounts on our wellness services, home nursing services & discounts on outpatient services at select hospitals.

We ensure that all goes well after your treatment

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